Mavs’ bench mayhem might be a non-stop party, but Warriors and NBA not entertained

We’re not saying the situation is out of hand in the Dallas Mavericks’ bench area during these Western Conference finals, chaotic and getting worse, but hopefully you won’t miss the remaining tip-offs in the series. The way things are going, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might just sneak onto the court and jump center.

Sources tell us that the Golden State Warriors have complained to the league office about the Mavericks playing an illegal 2-3-17 zone defense.

You know you’ve got a problem when a fierce mogul a mogul The battle between Cuban and rapper Lil Wayne takes a back seat to the Mavericks’ bench.

All hell has broken loose on that bench area. The Dallas subs and inactive players and Cuban himself have become a show of their own.

In violation of league rules, the Dallas bench crew stands during live action, they sometimes creep onto the court, and they distract opponents (ie, the Warriors). Cuban is right there with ’em, barking at refs like a junkyard dog, with his toes on or near the sideline.

The Mavs’ behavior has led to fines of $ 25,000, $ 50,000, $ 100,000, and the league threatens to keep doubling the fines. At this rate, Cuban will go broke in 130 years.

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