Pittsburgh Radio Host Goes on Tirade Aimed at Jordan Addison, Lincoln Riley and USC

Jordan Addison isn’t going to USC because of the bright lights of LA, he’s going to USC because of the dollar signs. Let’s just get right down to it. “

Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan radio host Andrew Fillipponi flipped out on the air after the commitment of former Pitt wide receiver Jordan Addison to play at USC.

“Don’t act like we’re naïve as sports fans in Pittsburgh – don’t act like we were born yesterday. That’s why he’s going to USC, ”he continued.

He goes on to say he doesn’t think it has to do with any friendship and said they didn’t even follow each other on social media until recently.

He also gave praise to Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi.

“He lost the best [wide receiver] in college football at the end of spring practice. Because USC tampered with him. And he’s taking the high road, “he said on Twitter Friday morning.

It’s not a secret that USC quarterback Caleb Williams is from Washington DC and an alumni of Gonzaga High, but since entering the transfer portal, more has come to light about Addison being from the DMV area as well – Addison an alumni of Frederick (Maryland) Tuscarora High, about 50 miles away from Gonzaga .

Addison is from the 2020 recruiting class while Williams is from the 2021 class, but in an area like the DMV and both being high prospects – Addison a high four-star and Williams a five-star – you’re bound to play in the same circuits and teams.

“It’s not like they were in the same neighborhood,” he said. “Like they were eating fruit snacks and playing Nintendo 64 together growing up – no, that’s not the situation. That has been exaggerated and blown way out of proposition. “

He goes on to call college sports a “very dirty game” and ranted about the Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher saga for a while before going back to talking about Narduzzi and saying he makes a little more money than Addison, assuming the three and a half million-dollar figure thrown around has any truth to it.

“I have some doubts about that, but who knows when the LA boosters and LA get involved,” he said regarding the pay-for-play sum. That’s why he’s there. He’s not there because Jordan Addison thinks ‘this is where I’m going to thrive as a wide receiver and make the NFL.’

Seven former USC wide receivers play in the NFL, with one of them now a Super Bowl champion and another a Pro Bowler – in case that needs to be reiterated

“I know for a fact that Pitt was going to build their entire offense around Jordan Addison this year,” he continues. “He was going to be the center of attention the same way Larry Fitzgerald was at Pitt in 2003, where everything was going to be about Jordan Addison as their best returning player. Every single thing Pitt did between now and the Backyard Brawl would have been a promotion vehicle for Jordan Addison. They would’ve kickstarted a Heisman campaign for him. … It would’ve been all about Jordan Addison. That is not going to be the case at USC. “

He mentions USC receivers Brenden Rice and Mario Williams as “other“ mouths to feed ”in the offense. While there is some truth to his take, having the Bilentnikoff winner in your offense is going to make things easier for everyone else – and assuming Addison isn’t selfish, he’s going to love being able to get double teamed if it means putting points on the board and winning games.

“It’s not a slam dunk like this is going to benefit him in the long run – that it’s going to make him a better NFL prospect,” he said. “

Addison was a projected first round pick in the 2023 NFL draft following last season’s performance, which included 100 receptions on 144 targets for 1,593 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns.

“They’re not saying he was a creation of Kenny Pickett or Mark Whipple’s offense or anything like that, ”he said. “On his own merits, they think even at six feet tall and 175 pounds soaking wet, that Pitt had made him into a first round NFL wide receiver. He didn’t need Lincoln Riley’s offense or a quarterback that grew up an hour down the road to be that guy at Pitt. “

He goes on to say Pitt would’ve made sure Addison was happy with everything on the field as well as making sure he was fine off the field.

“Kids transfer – or try to transfer – after spring practices all the time… that’s part of the game,” he said. That’s why Pat Narduzzi didn’t declare Kedon Slovis the starting quarterback over Nick Patti – he didn’t want to lose a quarterback after spring practice. Guys lose jobs or figure out they’re going to be backup – they leave for greener pastures. That’s part of college football. The guys that show up in the transfer portal usually in April are guys that are looking for fresh starts somewhere – not the national wide receiver of the year. “

He’s mainly alluding to the timing of Addison’s departure, saying if it was because of Pickett or the offense, he would’ve left before the spring. But in reality, if a player is loyal and wants to make it work, they would stick around for spring camp and leave afterwards – as he said players do “all the time.”

He’s simply not happy with Addison’s decision and said “the precedence that it sets throughout college football now” creates a problem where money can be thrown at players who aren’t in the transfer portal and will entice them to leave. But, really, behind the scenes, money has been thrown at players for years, but now players are much more in control over their future and can change their mind whenever they want.

Fillipponi’s rant continues as he goes on to say Fox Sports radio host Colin Cowherd is being paid by USC to talk about the football program and talks about how much he despises USC.

“I hope USC loses every game this year,” he said. “They went 4 and 8 last year, their coach’s last name is the same as our program director – but I don’t think they’re related – and if I saw Lincoln Riley, I would pick him up over my head… and slam his ass. Because I could probably beat up Lincoln Riley. One of the few people in major collegiate sports that I feel comfortable if I saw the guy in a dark alley, I could beat the snot out of him. And he’s such a big phony hypocrite, college football needs guard rails, NIL is out of control… it makes me sick. “

He wasn’t done, and he said he felt bad when former USC running back Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy was taken away, but “now I want them to lose every game in perpetuity.”

“I want them to get the death penalty. I want them to blow up the LA Coliseum. I want them to disband their college football program. “

Regardless of the circumstances, Addison is a Trojan and is going to have a lot of fun in the Cardinal and Gold. USC can now add another school to the list of schools that despise them, and those fans will undoubtedly be relentless on social media for the foreseeable future.

See the full video of the rant below:

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