China-Taiwan conflict: What you need to know

Hong Kong CNN – US President Joe Biden’s warning the US would defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression has made headlines around the world – and put growing tensions between the small democratic island and its neighboring autocratic superpower back under the spotlight. Less than a decade ago, ties seemed to be on the mend as … Read more

Former US soldier now fighting in Ukraine tells of days trapped in ‘house of horror’

Irpin, Ukraine CNN – Kevin, a stocky American in his early 30s, climbs over the charred rubble of a former sauna and shines the light from his iPhone through the dust. “We’re not going to go any further, because this wire is intentionally tied off to something and then buried right here,” he warns. “A … Read more

Exclusive: Russian officer reveals why he risked it all to quit Putin’s war in Ukraine

“We were dirty and tired. People around us were dying. I didn’t want to feel like I was part of it, but I was a part of it,” the officer told CNN. He said he went to find his commander and resigned his commission on the spot. CNN is not naming the officer or including … Read more