A Review Of Ron Howard’s We Feed People

2021 earthquake.José Andrés walking through rubble from collapsed building remains in Haiti after a 2021 earthquake.Photo: National Geographic / Clara Wetzel During a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbertdirector Ron Howard was promoting his latest documentary, We Feed People. In talking up the film’s subject, José Andrés, the celebrity chef turned food-based … Read more

It’s OK to Make Ramen With Spaghetti, Actually (and How to Do It)

Photo: HikoPhotography (Shutterstock) Substituting ingredients in culturally specific dishes is a tricky business. Some people are food pioneers, ready to throw in something new and risk a whole dish in the hopes of achieving terrific results. Others are recipe purists who will sooner rename your dish than accept the swap — especially when it comes … Read more