Boston Celtics defeat Miami Heat to lead series 3-2

The Boston-Miami series has set humanity back 20 years.Image: Getty Images A lot of sports fandom and analysis is about feel vs. facts, which can go pretty haywire at times. It definitely “feels” like these NBA playoffs have been uniquely blowout-heavy, but it kind of turns out they haven’t been. There just hasn’t been any … Read more

Dallas Mavericks on verge of elimination

Luka DončićPhoto: Getty Images When I wrote the Dallas Mavericks were a mess Earlier this season, it was right after they traded one terrible contract in Kristaps Porziņģis for two terrible contracts in Spencer Dwindiddle and Davis Bertans. My argument was not that the Mavs had made the wrong move in ditching the Latvian bum. … Read more

Checking in on some early Sixers offseason rumors

Never short on drama even when they’re eliminated from the playoffs, the Sixers have managed to pop up in quite a few rumors over the last week-and-a-half, with plenty of chatter spilling out of the NBA’s annual draft combine in Chicago. The question, as always, is who and what you can trust from a week … Read more