A Review Of Ron Howard’s We Feed People

2021 earthquake.José Andrés walking through rubble from collapsed building remains in Haiti after a 2021 earthquake.Photo: National Geographic / Clara Wetzel During a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbertdirector Ron Howard was promoting his latest documentary, We Feed People. In talking up the film’s subject, José Andrés, the celebrity chef turned food-based … Read more

Here’s everything coming to and leaving Hulu in June 2022

Bowen Yang, Joel Kim Booster in Fire IslandScreenshot: Searchlight Pictures / Youtube The saying goes that April showers bring May flowers, but what does June bring? A bunch of newly added films and shows onto Hulu, that’s what. This month marks the arrival of the queer rom-com Fire Islandsaid to be a modern twist on … Read more

Here’s everything coming to and leaving Netflix in June 2022

Juancho Hernangomez and Adam Sandler in HustleImage: Netflix We’re somehow almost in the hot, sticky month of June and with a new month comes Netflix and its juicy new content to consume. Although the NBA season is coming to a close, the Sandman has got you basketball lovers covered with his new film Hustle. Starring … Read more